vRNI (non-described) issue: hostname/IP is unreachable when adding vCenter as a Data Source

Problem Description:
Today I ran into a problem when adding a vCenter server by its hostname to vRealize Network Insight.

I received the following error message: Hostname/IP is unreachable.

Which (as explained in this VMware KB article) should be related to a network connectivity issue.

But after doing some troubleshooting (ping, curl and nslookup were all successful) I was send back to the drawing-school, because the network connectivity just worked as expected.

After restarting the Proxy VM the addition worked (as expected).

Background information:
version: vRealize Network Insight 3.9

I’ve deployed the primary Platform VM and the proxy VM.
Afterwards I’ve upgraded the platform VM to a multi-node cluster (and didn’t rebooted the proxy VM).


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