PowerShell: PS-Module for NSX on vCloud Director

A customer asked me for a PowerShell script for NSX which is managed through vCloud Director from a user perspective (not an admin perspective). My first reaction was “Okidoki”, but actually (so far as I know): NO Powershell Module for NSX on vCloud Director exists!?!


There was one available at https://mycloudrevolution.com/en/2018/05/26/powershell-module-for-vcloud-director-nsx-api/, but it only contains get- cmdlets and no new- or add- cmdlets (which my customer required).

So, I created my own PS module for NSX on vCloud Director, which can be found here: https://github.com/Datacenter-Dennisch/PowerCLI-scripts/blob/master/vCloudDirectorNSX.psm1

It contains get-, add– and new– cmdlets!
Remove– cmdlets are still being developed (so keep an eye on my github site).

The biggest problem with the creation was vCloud Director which proxies the API calls to NSX. So you cannot rely completely on the NSX API documentation, also the NSX on vCloud Documentation is not complete. #fiddling

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