2019, for me, was awesome!

Only a few last (work)days, until 2019 is officially a wrap! And djeez, what a year it was for me!

“My career took a flight”

I’m not unknown to the IT-industry: I have been working in this industry for more than 15 years. But when I joined ITQ in 2018, I couldn’t imagine that my IT career would be lifting as quick as it does right now! ITQ has thrown so much opportunities at me, which lifted my career by storm.
A few things that have been thrown at me in 2019:

  • Asked to be a speaker at the NLVMUG (and hopefully this year I will be presenting again).
  • “Asked” to be a speaker at ITQ’s Transform (they didn’t officially asked me, they already assumed it)
  • Presented at & becoming an organizational member of the vNSTechCon.
  • Become vExpert NSX.
  • Did a few lightboard video sessions (about NSX).
  • Participated in retrieving the VMConAWS Master Services Competency partner status for ITQ.
  • Asked to create NSX designs for a medium-to-large sized customers.
  • ITQ really pushed my VCDX ambition!
  • I helped some colleagues to become VCDX (again).
  • Asked to sharing my (NSX- and networking-) knowledge to colleagues and customers through (design-) workshops and trainings.
  • Did amazing projects.

I’m now getting recognized by people, to which (in the past) I’ve been looking up to. Wait Wuth!?! Also my website has gone from 3k views to a whopping 10k+ views (thats more than 3 times the amount of views in a year time), which make me believe I’m doing something good here. And ofcourse, there are other websites/blogs that receive a lot more views: I can only imagine what 2020 can bring to me.

I just like to help people (in general) and for that I receive much appreciations from colleagues and customers, that alone is worth it all (and yes the salary makes it nice also)!

Personal life

So a lot of stuff happend in 2019 for me, but not without a hitch on a personal level. My wife got a few injuries on her hands and arms which, as a results, she wasn’t able to do any household chores. Those chores were now resting om my shoulders. I’m father of 2 beautiful kids, which have to be raised .. yup that burden was now also resting on my shoulders.
So this year I’ve been traveling a lot for my work to foreign countries (Denmark, Sweden, UK, which are really fun), but this had an effect on my family and personal life. At some point I had to say “no more flying for me this year” and ITQ respected my decision (which in return I respect a lot)!

My family supported me in everything that I do, which is really helpful. But this year for me was finding a good balance time-wise: work, sports, household and family.
I believe I’ve found a good balance.

Ambitions for 2020

  • VCDX! Yes, it stood on my bucketlist for 2019 already, but I really, really, really want to achieve my VCDX certification.
  • I hope to maintain my personal balance that I’ve found right now
  • I would like to gain more (softskill) presenting experiences.
  • Currently I’m known as the “networking” guy, but it is my ambition to change that to a “cloud (native)/infrastructure” guy.

So hopefully at the end of 2020 I can look back at this list and say: You’ve done it!

and last, but not least: Thank you!

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