Cisco UCS – BIOS settings – part 1

A few years ago there was a best practice guide on the web, talking about BIOS settings. This document (unfortunately ) has been removed and now we have to trust our common sense to configure the BIOS settings (or this blog).

When you open the BIOS policy a lot of new options are out there and the help is unsufficient in providing the necessary information (technical deepdive/links to more information).
With this blog I want to give more insight in the BIOS policy of Cisco UCS (Manager 3.1 and Central 1.5).
The help provided by UCS Central and Manager is WRONG for a couple of items!

Cisco UCS is standarized on Intel processors which is making this guide quite simple,  I only have to explain the features of Intel processors (and not for the features of the AMD processors)

My advice is to SET all options and don’t leave it at platform default, because only then you have full control over your servers characteristics and performance.

Cisco UCS – BIOS settings – part 2
Cisco UCS – BIOS settings – part 3
more to come..

Cisco UCS – BIOS policy recommendation

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