The original vViking’s BBQ Rub

BBQ without a good rub is like riding your car without a windshield, it’s not essential .. but not enjoyable either.

You can buy commercially available rubs in a store nearby. But if you want a better rub, you have to go to a specialized BBQ store (usually not nearby) -or- you just create one yourself. This is a basic recipe for a BBQ rub that I mostly use for pork (spareribs, pulled pork, pork belly burnt ends, etc..). It’s got a good kick (from the pepper) and is sweet at the same time. If you really like some spicy flavors you are free to add some cayenne- or chili pepers

Just a shameless picture of some prepare meat

BBQ Rub ingredients

125 grams of rock or kosher salt (no fine table salt)
125 grams of brown sugar
60 grams of black (crushed) pepper
15 grams of smoked paprika powder (sweet)
10 grams of paprika powder (mild)
15 grams of granulated garlic powder
15 grams of onion powder
10 grams of mustard powder
5 grams of cumin powder
30 grams of oregano
15 grams of parsley

Mix all ingredients together in a shaker and and you are ready. As long as you put the rub somewhere dark and dry, you can store it for several months.

The end result

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